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Centreline Services


Get more out of your lessons

Improve competition performance

Build your confidence in the saddle

Enjoy your riding more

Fun, rider specific sessions that include Pilates, biomechanics, stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, agility, mobility, stability and reactivity training.

EquiPilates Classes and Workshops

Develop a better physical relationship with your horse and a more effective position

Sessions include postural assessment, techniques to improve muscle function, flexibility and body awareness, Pilates exercises, balance challenges, stretches and exercises on the Swiss ball.


Strength, Balance and Flexibility

Group classes and private lessons for all abilities. Suitable for riders and non-riders. Challenging but fun classes to develop flexibility and core conditioning comprising of mat exercises and prop work such as therabands, rollers, magic circles and swiss balls.

Limited to six participants so booking is strongly recommended.

One to One EquiPilates

An exercise program tailored to your body's specific requirements.

A one to one session includes postural and movement assessments, biomechanic screening and an exercise program designed around the findings of the assessments.

Mounted Assessments and Coaching

Working with you and your horse

One of the challenging things about riding is that we are influenced by our horse's idiosyncrasies as well as our own. Mounted sessions allow what we practice in the studio to be incorporated with what happens in the saddle.

Personal Training

Coming soon!

I will soon be offering personal training to help you with general fitness and strength or to work towards achieving a specific goal or event.

Training at Centreline 

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