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About Me

For the love of horses...

Hi, I'm Victoria. I am a riding coach with over thirty years teaching experience and I also run a small DIY livery yard. In 2018, I qualified as a Pilates teacher, Equipilates teacher and Biomechanics trainer.

I was lucky enough to grow up with horses thanks to my rather incredible mum. She started a riding school when I was very young and was a fabulously inspiring teacher. My love of teaching was born here. I was an active member of Pony Club and was given the opportunity to start teaching at rallies when I was fifteen.

In more youthful times I was a competitive runner which then led me into Pony Club tetrathlon and Modern Pentathlon so I have always been involved in fitness, movement and strength and I still run for fun.

Another of my interests in life is art. I spent three years at Norwich Art School but on leaving decided that horses and teaching were my real vocation. However, I do feel my artistic eye leads me to having great attention for detail and assists me when assessing movement.

My route into Pilates followed the birth of my daughter who was delivered by c-section. My physio recommended Pilates to help rebuild my fitness.

When one of my liveries discovered Equipilates, she thought it was my calling so invited me to go along, with her, to a session with Equipilates founder, Linsdsay Wilcox-Reid and I was hooked! I started my training with Lindsay soon after.

About Centreline

Life is all about balance

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Centreline Headquarters

My studio is located at my yard in a purpose built log cabin. It is a lovely, calm space with the backdrop of horses in the fields. I teach Pilates alongside the running of the livery yard and my mounted coaching sessions. Every week is different and I feel my varied range of activities keeps my brain active and my teaching enthusiastic.
I like to promote a relaxed and friendly environment in which I can get to know my clients and I keep class sizes small so that I can give plenty of individual attention as needed.


Equipilates and Biomechanics

Equipilates is a form of movement and alignment therapy specifically tailored to riders. The Equipilates approach promotes optimal muscle function in the specific muscles riders need for support. It includes biomechanic assessments and related exercises which makes it different from pure Pilates.



Pilates is a non aerobic form of exercise accessible by all. Pilates will help to improve posture, undo poor movement patterns and develop flexibility, strength, coordination and control for both the body and the mind.

Do something wonderful for yourself and your horse!

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